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Gua simply means to rub or scrape. Sha refers to the blood-red millet-like skin rash. Gua Sha is an Ancient Asia healing method that originated in China in 200 BC. From China, it spread in Southeast Asian countries like Laos, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia. In Laos, it is known as Khoud Lam, Kerik in Indonesia, Cao Gio in Vietnam and Kos Khyol in Cambodia.
The maxim about this healing method is on the basis of Chinese oriental medicine theory that uses potent guides to energize the meridians. The meridians are essential as it is where energy flows in the body.

Application and Tools used for Gua Sha

Normally, Sha is evident at the Yang surface of the body – neck, shoulders, arms, back and buttocks. In some circumstances, Gua Sha is applied at the thorax and abdomen.

The spot where Gua Sha is applied has to be greased with oil. In traditional healing techniques, they used peanut oil which is quite thick. However, nowadays, some use common kinds of oil they can find around like olive oil or almond oil. The technique applies a 45 degree angle towards the spot of the body you need to scrape. The skin is scraped with a circular edged tool with downward direction. One spot is focused until the skin rash (petechiae) is totally elevated. Then the indicator is that when there is no blood statis, petechiae will not be visible and the skin will turn pinkish in color.

In ancient practice, any round-edged tool like coin, a spoon used for eating soup or a horn of a buffalo can be used when applying this healing method. These days, some practitioners prefer to use jade stone for scraping.

The therapist must make sure that the rash is going to fade in two to four days. If it does not fade within this time frame, then the therapist must focus on the area where there is blood deficiency. This is how to deal with the base of the problem.

Healing and Benefits

After the application, the client feels prompt shift of their condition. They are released from any painful constraint as Gua Sha allows movement of Qi which is essential in maintaining health. Blood circulation returns to balance as well. Fluids in the body are directed properly and metabolism process becomes normal.

With Gua Sha’s healing method, there are different forms of body’s ailments that are common for tedious workers like fatigue, fever, and headaches. More serious conditions like suffering brought respiratory system problems namely asthma, dyspnoea, acute bronchitis or chronic bronchitis (emphysema) are also healed. Other disorders that pertain to physical strength like injuries of muscle, joints and tendons can be eased with this healing method. It can also effectively heal myofascial pain syndrome, and stiffness of the neck or shoulders. Whether one is suffering from cold or heat stroke, this technique can used to significantly ease the pain. Problems with digestive system can be treated as well. Indeed, even urinary disease, Gua Sha can be a good tool for healing.

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